Buy/Sell Zcash

Are you interested in buying Zcash from within the UK or another country? In this article, we will be explaining everything you will need to know about investing in this cryptocurrency via PayPal, Neteller, bank transfer or credit/debit card payment. If you would like to begin trading right away, you can click here to start buying and selling Zcash CFDs without any commissions by using the CFD broker Plus500. If you would prefer to learn more about this cryptocurrency, please feel free to read the remainder of this article which discusses Zcash and how to trade with it (76,4% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money).


The cryptocurrency Zcash, also known as ZEC, was created by Zooko Wilcox-O´Hearn in 2016; it has a promising future ahead of it and some people even consider it to be the new Bitcoin. The guiding principle behind this virtual currency’s creation was the improvement of Bitcoin’s anonymity. For this reason, the Zerocoin protocol was developed and subsequently improved upon in order to create Zerocash and, ultimately, Zcash. Based on blockchain technology, it is able to maintain the anonymity of online transactions while keeping a record of the amount of currency being transacted as well as of the receiving address.

What factors determine Zcash’s price?

If you have ever invested in the cryptocurrency market – or any other market, you will already know that it is not possible to accurately predict how the price of an asset will vary over time. This is only logical; if we were able to do so, we would all be rich. You can forget about using a crystal ball, but you should not forget to do your own research and analysis. If you are interested in earning money – and in not losing any – you should try to understand how the price of the assets you are trading evolve over time. What factors determine the price and value of an asset? Generally speaking, an asset’s value is determined by two factors: supply and demand.

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Let’s start by taking a look at the supply side of the equation since it is the easiest one to understand. Why? Because, practically all cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash, Nem, Dash, and Monero, have a finite supply. Luckily, Zcash is no exception to the rule. The number of Zcash coins is finite: a maximum of 21 million. This means that the Zcash supply is not only limited, it is also relatively small compared to that of other cryptocurrencies.

As a general rule, when demand exceeds supply, an asset’s price increases. This is only logical: when many people want to buy a scarce commodity, the commodity’s price will be high. The opposite is also true. If many people are trying to sell the same asset at the same time, that asset’s price will decline. Since we have already established that the Zcash supply is 21 million coins, we now need to take a look at what the demand for this cryptocurrency is likely to be.

Demand for an asset is harder to establish since it depends on the preconceptions and perceptions of millions of people around the world. That is why, instead of trying to predict the behavior of other traders, as far as Zcash is concerned, it would be a better use of time to analyze this cryptocurrency’s utility in an attempt to predict whether or not people will be interested in investing in it.

On the one hand, it seems as though cryptocurrencies are the wave of the future. Blockchain technology represents a clear improvement to more conventional means of payment and everything seems to point to the fact that blockchain transactions are here to stay. Another factor to take into account is that other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), have grown a lot in the last few years – so much so that its price keeps breaking records. Since Zcash offers many improvements over Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Ripple, it is reasonable to assume that the demand for Zcash will increase due to its utility. Let’s not forget that Zcash allows people to remain anonymous when making online payments.

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Despite being unable to predict what the demand for Zcash will be in the future, we can analyze Zcash’s utility as a means of payment and in so doing estimate how likely people are to invest in it. Ultimately, it is up to you to make up your own mind about Zcash’s utility and whether or not to invest in it. But, whatever you do, remember that investing is not a game and that if you decide to invest in Zcash or to trade with it, you run the risk of losing money.

Brokers that accept PayPal and other payment methods

If you are interested in trading with Zcash, you will require a broker which lists this cryptocurrency among its tradable assets. In general, brokers allow trading with Zcash and other cryptocurrencies via CFDs. For this reason, we have selected for your consideration, what in our opinion is the best currently available CFD broker: Plus500. Why do we consider this broker to be the best?

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For one thing, it allows its users to deposit funds using many different payment methods. Many people have become accustomed to using PayPal in their daily lives and this broker allows its clients to use PayPal to deposit funds into their account. This broker also offers other popular payment methods such as Neteller. If you prefer to use a more conventional payment method, you can always make a bank transfer – in Euros if you live in Ireland, Pounds if you are in the UK or dollars if you find yourself in another country. Lastly, with this broker, it is also possible to deposit funds into your account by means of a credit or debit card payment (Visa and Mastercard).

Another essential issue is security. Plus500 is regulated by CySEC as well as by the FCA, the United Kingdom’s regulatory body. This type of regulation is something that we look for and value in an online broker. In addition, Plus500 is a publicly traded company which means that it must undergo additional audits and must remain under the supervision of separate regulatory bodies in the UK.

How and where to buy Zcash within the UK and other countries

We have reached the end of this article describing the essential information to keep in mind before deciding to trade with Zcash. As we have seen, this is a cryptocurrency with a lot of potential. Nobody knows for sure what its price will be in 2018, but it is definitely an asset to keep your eye on. If you would like to trade with Zcash via CFDs, there are brokers that will allow you to do so; you can buy Zcash if you consider that its value will rise in the future or you can decide to short sell it if you think that its value will decline. To do so, click this link to go directly to the Zcash section of Plus500’s website and start trading without paying any commissions (76,4% of retail CFD accounts lose money).